Сахадж медитация

Meditation is based on the ancient knowledge which helps you reach a unique state of mind which is called thoughtless awareness or mental silence.

Sahaja Yoga meditation means a practice when a thinking mind becomes relaxed and speechless so that the gaps between the thoughts become broader. When in meditation we get into this space between two thoughts, we find ourselves in absolute present, silence and thoughtlessness. This state is quite different from the usual state of mental activity when the contents of our thoughts always come either from the past or from the future but never from the present. Meditation gives an opportunity to our brain to reach maximum relaxation and simultaneously help our body and mind get maximum energy.

After you get the first experience of meditation, your inner energy awakens. Since that moment it rises each time you meditate. Sometimes you can feel it physically – as a cool breeze rising along your spine. Usually it is felt as a pleasant cool sensation above the fontanel bone and palms (though in the beginning one can feel a warm breeze).