City Coordinators,
Members of the Russian Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga,
Regional representatives,
Sisters and brothers,

During the International Sahaja Yoga Festival in Togliatti, Russia, on JULY 27-29, 2018, there traditionally are going to be held Sahaj Marriage Ceremonies.

The tradition to conduct Sahaja Yoga Marriage Ceremonies in Russia during the International Festival in Togliatty was established by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 2008. That year, with the blessings of Shri Mataji, there were held the first Sahaja Yoga Marriage Ceremonies in Togliatti. In 2009 Shri Mataji visited Togliatti and thousands of Sahaja Yogis from Russia and other countries worshipped our Mother. More than 100 couples from different countries got the blessings of the Goddess during those memorable blessed days. Sahaja Yoga Marriage Ceremonies were held in Togliatti in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,2017 where our brothers and sisters got an opportunity to link their lives in Sahaj marriage. The tradition of organizing Sahaja Yoga Marriages in Russia will be continued during the forthcoming International Sahaja Yoga Festival in Togliatti.


We would like to request you to inform Sahaja Yogis in your cities and regions about the opportunity to enter into a marriage in accordance with Sahaja Yoga traditions set by Our Divine Mother.

The Marriage Committee has set the dates of collecting the Marriage Forms – till July 20, 2018.

All the responsibility of informing Sahaja Yogis, signing and submitting the Marriage Forms is fully given to the City Coordinators. In case if there is no City Coordinator, the Form can be signed by a member of the Russian Council or a regional representative.

Sahaj marriages were established by Shri Mataji more than 30 years ago. It is a sacred ceremony based on the Divine principles which lead to spiritual and material blessings. In Sahaja Yoga, the couples have an opportunity to get a collective sanction and to be blessed by the attention of our Divine Mother for this process.

The spiritual growth of a person, family and collective is inspired by successful Sahaj marriages which spread happiness in society. It expresses such subtle qualities as innocence, benevolence, love, joy, sweetness, generosity and respect to others, to the whole collective. Such a marriage leads to the vibrational, joyful families and prospering society.

The following things should be noted by City Coordinators for them to be able to inform the Yogis in their collectives and to know what they should do:

1. The City Coordinator should make an announcement in his/her Center informing the Yogis about the beginning of collecting Marriage Forms indicating the dates of submission.

2. All the Yogis who wish can get the Forms from the Coordinators.

3. The candidates must fill in two copies of Marriage Form-I.

4. Both pages must be fully filled in in the Form. The candidate must also attach his/her colour photograph to both the copies.

5. Both the copies must be signed by the Candidate and then given to the Coordinator.

6. The City Coordinator must personally ensure the truthfulness of the information in the Candidate’s Form. He/she should also check that the Candidate practices Sahaja Yoga, attends the Center regularly and participates in all Sahaja Yoga programs in and around the Center. Then the Coordinator must sign the two copies of the Candidate’s Form.

7. Form-II must be filled in by the City Coordinator in two copies at the end of which he/she must put his/her signature. The given information must be true and objective.

8. The Coordinators must scan Form-I (with the photo and the candidate’s and coordinator’s signatures) and Form-II (with the coordinator’s signature) and send the electronic copies to the e-mail address . One paper set of the Forms should be left in the archive of the City Coordinator and the other should be brought to the International Sahaja Yoga Festival  and ASAP handed in to the Marriage Committee by the City Coordinator or its representative.

9. The scanned copies must be e-mailed to not later than July 20.

10. The Marriage Committee will accept only fully filled Forms with the Candidate’s and Coordinator’s signature. The on-line registration will not be used any more.

11. All who have filled in the Forms on-line earlier should fill in the Forms in accordance with the rules described above and get the Coordinator’s signature.

12. The married couples who would like to go through Sahaja Yoga Marriage Ceremony must fill in the Form for the Married Couples, get the Coordinator’s signature and then e-mail a scanned copy of the Remarriage Form and their Marriage Certificate to the e-mail address:

13. Sahaja Yogis who have been matched before but who have not been able to go through Sahaja Yoga Ceremony may also submit their Application for Sahaja Yoga Marriage Ceremony indicating the Marriage Committee of which country and when matched them.

14. Sahaja Yogis from other countries who would like to submit the Marriage Forms for SY Marriages in Russia can use either of the Forms spread by the Marriage Committees when they organize Sahaj Marriages in India and Italy.

For Indian Sahaja Yogis:

For Sahaja yogis from other countries:

When you have filled in the Forms and it has been signed by the Coordinator, you should scan the Forms and send them to the e-mail address:

Best regards,

Russian Marriage Committee